And, We’re Back…

27 11 2010

It’s been over a year now since I last posted to this blog, a fact that I’m not terribly proud of. Quite a lot has happened professionally and personally, but that’s not much of an excuse. So herein lies my re-commitment to this task, with hopes that future life distractions will be few and far between. At minimum I’m proud to say my principal personal goal for 2010 was achieved, at least as it pertains to charitable causes. More details about that in the next post.

If anything, the last year has reinforced to me that it’s not appropriate for me to be content in simply taking from the world. We’ve all been blessed with certain talents, and I believe it’s optimizing the application of those talents to the benefit of others that frames our individual purpose for being here. Sometimes, it’s not evident what those talents are, but there’s clearly a desire to help. Sometimes the talents are obvious, but how to best apply them to helping others is not so clear. So, we try stuff. We learn. Over time. Days, years, decades. The process is unique to each of us and takes its own sweet time.

That said, with effort, some luck, and a lot of love and support from special people along the way, I’m confident we can each discover what our distinct talents are and how to best put them to work in service of others. If we look for them in a way that’s genuine, the clarity will come. I’m still looking, but I think I’m getting closer. We’ll see how it ends up.

And so it begins again.




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