Healthcare Workers Transportation-Enabled

20 01 2009

World Bicycle Relief is an organization founded by one of the leaders in the bicycle industry applying bicycle technology in a different way. 

Consider this: medicines and information focused on disease treatment and prevention cannot be effective if the recipients cannot access it or healthcare workers locally cannot distribute it. 

A purpose-built steel bicycle in a rural community in Africa can increase the daily travel range of a healthcare provider by a factor of six or more. In a community in Zambia or Swaziland, where life expectancy is less than 40 and as many as half of adults are HIV-positive, this increase in travel range could mean thousands of people can receive basic healthcare in a community, vs. just dozens otherwise (visual). 

These bicycles are designed to be highly-reliable transportation, maintained by local citizens, and cost about $135.


To get involved…


Bike donations




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